Hi guys.

Hi I am Raf/omegagamer132,the creater of BEYBLADEPLANET and stef/PikachuWhoWentToSchool made me a editer so I made this to introduce myself and be sure to check out my blog.

See you there.


Ask Stefan!

Welcome to Ask Stefan!

Ask me a question, like a problem in your life (DONUT give or ask for personal info) and I will answer with the best of my ability!

Favourite YouTubers!

The title says it all. Who are your favourite YouTubers?

Stefan: TheAuraGuardian, Dobbs, PopularMMOs, DanTDM, LogDotZip, TrueMU CandyEvie, UnspeakableGaming, MORE.

Rafal: Grian,MumboJumbo,Beyblade geeks,,LogDotZip,

Jiwon: SSundee, Molt, Nickanyte, Arena Closer, HaVoC Gaming, Nation, iHASYOU, [JR] J A M S T E R, Cookie Guy, Goblins From Mars, Goblin Mixes, NCS (No Copyright Sounds) Tigar, Unlited Leaf, Clash Central AND MANY MANY MORE