Hi guys.

Hi I am Raf/omegagamer132,the creater of BEYBLADEPLANET and stef/PikachuWhoWentToSchool made me a editer so I made this to introduce myself and be sure to check out my blog.

See you there.



If you have any questions about plz send them in yo (NOT REQUESTING ANY PERSONAL INFO OR DONUT ASK FOR IT OR U WILL BE BANNED, Clear?)


Ask Stefan!

Welcome to Ask Stefan!

Ask me a question, like a problem in your life (DONUT give or ask for personal info) and I will answer with the best of my ability!

Favourite YouTubers!

The title says it all. Who are your favourite YouTubers?

Stefan: TheAuraGuardian, Dobbs, PopularMMOs, DanTDM, LogDotZip, TrueMU CandyEvie, UnspeakableGaming, MORE.

Rafal: Grian,MumboJumbo,Beyblade geeks,,LogDotZip,

Jiwon: SSundee, Molt, Nickanyte, Arena Closer, HaVoC Gaming, Nation, iHASYOU, [JR] J A M S T E R, Cookie Guy, Goblins From Mars, Goblin Mixes, NCS (No Copyright Sounds) Tigar, Unlited Leaf, Clash Central AND MANY MANY MORE